Fox & Friends guest on Gillette ad: “I didn't learn anything from the #MeToo movement”

Matt Walsh: “I learned nothing at all because I already knew that, OK?”

From the January 16 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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MATT WALSH (DAILY WIRE): I had no idea that harassment, and bullying, and assault were wrong. So I'm glad that my shaving cream could chime in and let me know.


WALSH: You know, I think it's clearly insulting for a number of reasons. Obviously it portrays men as a bunch of, like, oafs and morons who just don't know how to act right. But, I think the part you showed is really what rubs me the wrong way, where it says that we were acting wrong, we didn't know what we were doing, and then the #MeToo movement came along, and it was this sort of epiphany where we all realized, like, oh actually we're not supposed to assault and abuse women. No, you know, here's the thing: Most -- I didn't learn anything from the #MeToo movement. I learned nothing at all because I already knew that, OK? I wasn't -- I didn't see a news report about Harvey Weinstein and say, “Oh, we're not supposed to do that?” That's not how most men reacted because we already knew. Most men are just normal decent people and already know. 

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Yeah, but, a lot of men would think that's wrong, and some of these men that are being accused of this know that it's wrong, they just knew that they weren't ever going to get caught. And now, the whole country's talking about it. There is a #MeToo movement, and this ad, in my opinion, holds men accountable, and it tells them, “Hey, we got to be better.” What's wrong with that message? 

WALSH: Well -- because -- number one, most men, again, don't need this message. You're not going to find an advertisement like that directed at women. You're not going to find an advertisement that shows women, you know, gossiping, and nagging their husbands, and shopping too much, and then says, “Well, but some women know the right way to act,” and then it shows women having this epiphany and realizing they're not supposed to do those things. Look, if there was an ad like that, I think women across the country would be insulted, feminists would be outraged, burning the product in the street and throwing it into windows probably, reacting. So, it's the same kind of thing. It's patronizing, it's insulting, and it just take as very cynical and downbeat view of men that I think, number one, is not justified, and, number two, we get it. I mean, men are lectured nonstop about these, we understand by now. So just back off, and shut up, and sell us your razors. 


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