Fox & Friends guest falsely claims the Obama administration “simply removed” a census citizenship question

NPR and Snopes have explained that the decennial census hasn't included a nationwide citizenship question on the census since 1960.​ In 1970, the citizenship question moved to a long-form questionnaire sent to fewer than 20% of American households. In 2010, the long-form questionnaire was replaced by the annual American Community Survey, which includes a citizenship question.

​From the July 8 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:​

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PETE HEGSETH (GUEST CO-HOST): ​​Why ​did the ​S​upreme ​C​ourt step​ in --​ if there​'​s ​constitutional ​rationale​, why are they stepping in and creating confusion here?

​JENNA ELLIS RIVES (ATTORNEY): It's a ridiculous act of political activism​, because​ the Constitution clearly leaves the process up to ​C​ongress​,​ which since 1790​, has provided​ implementing legislation to​ carry out the census. ​There have been other executive orders. And the executive branch is required to ​enforce the census and count the people so ​that we know that ​we can participate in the franchise and have​ free and fair​ elections. It's ​just ​common sense​ to count the citizens in the states​. ​So ​what the ​Supreme ​C​ourt has done, has said, is that the citizenship question -- which by the way has been on every census since the early 1800s​,​ it was​ simply​ removed by the ​Obama administration in 2010. This is a reinstatement​,​ that the question doesn't violate either the ​E​numeration​s​ ​C​lause ​in the Constitution or ​C​ongress' legislation. They're simply requiring ​P​resident ​T​rump to provide further rationale.


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