Fox & Friends guest encourages a GOP government shutdown for Trump's border wall: “Shut down government”

Ned Ryun: “When we talk about government shutdown, government really doesn't shut down.”

From the December 4 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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NED RYUN (FOUNDER, AMERICAN MAJORITY): I totally agree with President Trump talking about shutting down the southern border. I would also argue he should shut down government, because then we can have a conversation about what size government do we really want? And people have to understand, when we talk about government shutdown, government really doesn't shutdown. We just send home the non-essentials --


RYUN: -- of which there are about 800,000 federal government employees that are considered nonessential. Let's have that conversation. Why do we have 2 million government employees? Why are we spending $136 billion a year? And why do we have over 430 departments, agencies, and sub-agencies in our federal government? 


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