Fox & Friends guest dismisses reality of police brutality, criticizes NFL players' protests

John Kazanjian: NFL players “feel like police brutality is out there, whatever. And listen, that is not the issue.”

From the August 13 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): The Dolphins came out originally and they said listen, the Miami Dolphins, I don't know what the NFL is going to do, but the Miami Dolphins will stand. They got a lot of blowback, so they pulled back. Was that one of the reasons you agreed to this program, you thought the Dolphins would be standing?

JOHN KAZANJIAN (PALM BEACH COUNTY POLICE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION): Absolutely we thought we'd be standing. And also we thought that this was an olive branch to kind of mend and heal and actually have some constructive dialogue.

KILMEADE: Right. Because the NFL-ers always say that we don't get their message right, we're not getting their message across. Their problem is with law enforcement, is with the people you represent. 

KAZANJIAN: Yeah, they feel like police brutality is out there, whatever. And listen, that's not the issue. Yeah, there's been a couple incidents. We got a couple of bad apples, but we police our own. And, I think the whole country knows that. 


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