Fox & Friends guest Dennis Prager: The Bible considers socialism evil and capitalism good

Prager: “I'm not saying that companies don't have power but they can never approach what government could have. No company ever built a gulag or Auschwitz, OK?”

From the May 7 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): So we have a Book of Genesis. Why should we get your Book of Genesis?

DENNIS PRAGER (TALK RADIO HOST): Because people need to understand it. There is a big problem today, you have the greatest book in the history of the world -- I mean, even atheists, even people who hate religion will have to acknowledge it's the most significant book ever written. So people, even if they hate it, should understand it. So I know biblical Hebrew like I know English and I have taught this all of my life to people of every faith and no faith. My point is to show you why this can transform your life, the insights that it has. And this is the second volume. Exodus came out last year. I'm not going in order obviously. This is the first book. And to my -- I feel self-conscious as you could see because I don't normally stutter, but it was the best selling nonfiction book in the United States last year on Amazon for -- and Costco has ordered 36,000 copies. And I only mention this because this is my dream. Nobody writes Bible commentaries to get rich, OK, let's put that aside. But my dream is that once again become the most important book in America. The place that killed the Bible is the university. The university has become the stupidest place in America.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): So there are different chapters in your book that explain things that are going on in life right now.

PRAGER: That's right.

DOOCY: So I mean, you take it -- and you've studied the bible for 40 years. So, for instance, in chapter two you actually talk about something that's in the news a lot, and that is socialism.

PRAGER: Yes. The -- there are two big issues. Of course, the Bible doesn't use the word socialism. It's too new. But it is extremely mistrustful of human nature. Therefore, it doesn't want power to be in the hands of a few people, and socialism by definition is power in the hands of the few. Capitalism and free market is power in the hands of the consumer, of the individual. I'm not saying that companies don't have power but they can never approach what government could have. No company ever built a gulag or Auschwitz, OK? Let's be clear on that. I'm not a company fan but let's be honest. So it is very, very mistrustful of power and in that book Genesis, God says the will of man's heart is towards evil from his youth.


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