Fox & Friends guest denies Ron DeSantis's “monkey” comment was racist, blames media for “this false narrative”

Michelle Malkin: “There is absolutely nothing racial, or racist, or racialist about Ron DeSantis's comments”

From the August 30 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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ED HENRY (GUEST CO-HOST): Michelle, what do you think about this controversy?

MICHELLE MALKIN (CRTV): Well, I think that it underscores the truth of exposing fake news, manufactured outrages. There is absolutely nothing racial, or racist, or racialist about Ron DeSantis's comments in their proper context. And this really is about how the media runs with this false narrative, attacking Republicans and conservatives as racists. Who are the real racists? It is a commonly used word, to use “monkey” as a verb to talk about screwing things up, which is what he was warning voters of all colors not to do, and to support an agenda that supports making sure that you have prosperous economy, and good regulations, and good tax policies. Look, I'll tell you from my own personal experience, I know who the real racists are. It's liberals who see racism where it doesn't exist and who ignore it when it really does. I personally have been called a monkey by white, liberal, progressive journalists, and nobody batted an eye. There are minority conservatives and minority Republicans over the last 30 years in public life who have been called all manner of racist animals, and these leftists in the media never have a problem with it. Hypocrites.


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