Fox & Friends guest complains college courses convey “anti-white bias” and are a way of “scapegoating” white males

Young America's Foundation's Spencer Brown: “White males are the most disfavored group on college campuses.”

From the February 21 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST) Every year Young America's Foundation compiles a list of the most outrageous courses offered at colleges all across the country, calling out the bias and sometimes very bizarre culture at higher education in America.


EARHARDT: So y'all found 250 bizarre courses at 50 different schools. Which schools did you analyze?

SPENCER BROWN (YOUNG AMERICA'S FOUNDATION): So this report goes through basically the top universities and colleges in America. So the Big Ten, the SEC, the Ivy Leagues, the top ten U.S. News and World Report-ranked colleges, and looks at what these students are actually being taught, and what we find every single year is it just continues this leftward slant and just gets more crazy and more tragic as the title implies.

EARHARDT: Some of these are a little bizarre. At the University of Illinois, there -- you can take a class called “Gender in Gaming.” It examines the history of gender and video games -- internet bullying, doxxing, trolling -- an effort to consolidate and maintain video games and geek culture as a domain of masculinity and whiteness? 

BROWN: Yeah. So what we see kind of throughout these courses, but this is a key example of it, is just this scapegoating of white males. You know, we see that from the left all over the place, whether it be in pop culture, but especially on college campuses. And so what you see here is them just blaming white men for an apparent lack of representation they feel exists in geek culture for women. And so it really just goes to show, again, white males are the most disfavored group on college campuses.


EARHARDT: Northwestern University, the course is called “Unsettling Whiteness” -- what are your thoughts? 

BROWN: Well, so that's one -- a lot of these courses when we're going through and surveying them, you don't even really know what the point of the course is because in this case is it saying that whiteness itself is unsettling, or is it saying that we need to unsettle whiteness as an institution? And again, it's just this anti-white bias that we see on college campuses all over the place.


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