Fox & Friends guest claims there is “a permissive culture of violence that is really kind of exploding on the left”

Kristin Tate: “The narrative on the left ... has transformed the Democratic base into this kind of angry, violent mob”

From the August 24 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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KRISTIN TATE: There is a permissive culture of violence that is really kind of exploding on the left, and as time goes on, this kind rhetoric and behavior becomes normalized and it escalates. And I am worried that this kind of rhetoric, the logical extension of that is real violence, and frankly, we're already starting to see real violence happen.


TATE: And these protesters, these left-wing protesters, all around the nation explode into violence every time a conservative speaker comes to a campus, or every time President Trump gives an address or a rally. It is despicable. And these rioters are full of hate and violence. And it's the narrative on the left that has transformed the Democratic base into this kind of angry, violent mob that has no message and still can't accept that Donald Trump is president. So I'm worried that this is going to get a lot worse.


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