Fox & Friends guest claims the Russia probe was “set up, basically, to impugn this presidency”

Ainsley Earhardt: “If that is true ... that's corruption”

From the October 31 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): So, what is the goal here? What do you think Robert Mueller and his 16 lawyers that are on this team, what is their goal? 

SIDNEY POWELL: I think the entire investigation was set up, basically, to impugn this presidency and to make it as hard as possible for Mr. Trump to carry out his duties. It's been way too wide-reaching. The scope of it was too broad. It's got problems from its inception. 

EARHARDT: If that is true, that is -- that's corruption. What do you think of these charges yesterday?

POWELL: I thought they are written to make it sound like even the most innocent act is a crime when it's not. I think they can be picked apart and when scrutinized, many of them will fail. I think a lot of the conduct that is described in it is actually innocent. And there really -- there is not a tax offense alleged. They talk about him having failed to report certain income on his taxes, but there's no tax count in this indictment. It's basically two very wide-reaching conspiracy charges, which enables them to prove their case by using only hearsay evidence. They wouldn't even have to have an actual witness to whatever conversation they deemed criminal to proceed with the conspiracy charge. They can use what somebody told somebody else that may not even have been right. So, and then the other charges are false statements and failure to file certain forms. So, it's an unusual indictment.


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