Fox & Friends guest attributes homelessness in Colorado to legalized marijuana

From the October 19 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Is it a good idea, Joe I'll start with you, to legalize pot nationwide here in the United States? Canada just did it. 

JOE PETERS (FORMER POLICE OFFICER): The quick answer is no, and I think we'll be sorry. Fortunately we have a crystal ball in this case because we can look five years later at what happened in Colorado, for instance, which legalized marijuana. 

DOOCY: What happened in Colorado? 

PETERS: By every metric, it was a failure, in my view. Teen drug use is the highest in the country, teen drug use. Drug driving is off the charts, doubled with marijuana impaired driving. Homelessness is up. Emergency room admissions. And the black market is flourishing. Black market arrests -- remember, the whole notion was we legalize it, we can control it. Black market arrests are up almost 400 percent. 

DOOCY: All right, Michael, you're a proponent of it, particularly medical marijuana and things that help you feel good. 


DOOCY: You heard what he said. 

CARIDI: Well, I believe that it has to be regulated and having medical marijuana is -- being very helpful nationally and internationally. We sell our products in South America for epilepsy and Parkinson's and we show a lot of benefits. 


CARIDI: I think, ultimately, it will be legal. But, again, if it's regulated properly, so people get the right product, right? You don't want marijuana laced with fentanyl and some of these other issues, so that's one of my concerns. 


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