Fox & Friends guest: Anthony Kennedy re-wrote the “laws of marriage, which predate the United States by thousands of years”

From the March 21 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Democrats are talking about getting rid of the Electoral College, they're talking about term limits for Supreme Court justices. They are talking about packing the court. And we have played this morning several times a montage of Democrats talking about, “OK, you had five, then you had six, whatever.” Interestingly enough, when FDR did that back in the '30s, it failed. Back in 1983, we want you to watch this video, Joe Biden, a younger senator, was there in a committee hearing talking about how packing the court was a bonehead idea. 


DOOCY: Do you think he's still going to say it's a bonehead idea? 

MARK STEYN (COLUMNIST): No he wont. I'd forgotten how irritating Joe Biden got so fast. That's like classic Joe Biden and he was doing it when he was 12 years old or however old he was when he first got into the Senate. Look, the problem is judges are too powerful. And the idea that you have five judges who essentially out-punch 300 million Americans, and in the case of Anthony Kennedy, if you'll --

DOOCY: You're talking about the -- 

STEYN: -- Supreme Court.

DOOCY: -- more conservative members of the court?

STEYN: Yeah, well if you're saying -- you know, basically Anthony Kennedy became the supreme intergalactic arbiter, re-writing all kinds of -- like the laws of marriage, which predate the United States by thousands of years. That's a -- that's -- there's something faintly absurd about that. And they're quite -- and they're right, in that when you were saying it's turning into a super legislature, it's basically the House of Lords and it shouldn't be. And that's wrong. 


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