Fox & Friends floats Fox News contributor Nigel Farage as the new UK ambassador

From the July 10 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): We are just getting word that the U.K. ambassador to the U.S. has resigned after diplomatic cables criticizing Trump were leaked.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): That's right. “Kim Darroch is known as a gregarious and popular figure who rarely lets his diplomatic mask slip in public.” That is according to a Politico headline from a day or so ago. And now apparently, even though I believe it was Mike Pompeo yesterday said he would maintain diplomatic relations with the man even though he said those things about the Trump administration, Pompeo said that yesterday. And now the news this morning is that the U.K. ambassador, who has had that job since 2016, is going to step aside because his comments apparently --

EARHARDT: Were leaked.

DOOCY: Not something you can get around.

GRIFF JENKINS (GUEST CO-HOST): Well those comments attacking President Trump, and you have to remember the significance here, there is no greater ally than the U.K. for the U.S. And so, when you are dealing with so many issues on the international stage, particularly with Iran, you cannot have things like this to get out and start to grow. The president, of course, attacking the ambassador as well. Clearly there was a meeting of heads that said you're a distraction, time to go.


JENKINS: It will be interesting to see who replaces him because there was some speculation, one name being considered would be Neil Farage, who's been on this show a lot. No indication that he would be interested in taking that.


JENKINS: Nigel. And right now you have -- while the tweets we are showing were very colorful, it is indicative of a lack of confidence. And so to march in step, to be on the same page, you're going to have to find someone that clearly this administration would not oppose.

EARHARDT: I wonder if Nigel would take that role? He's now in Parliament there. I wonder if he would take it. He's Mr. Brexit.

DOOCY: Well, there's a lot in flux right now because they are looking for a new prime minister in Great Britain and now the U.K. ambassador, given the fact that those diplomatic cables were leaked. He's stepping aside, so a couple of jobs that need filling.

JENKINS: And by the way, to your point, Farage I believe has -- from what I was reading -- has indicated he feels he's more effective across the pond rather than coming to Washington, but you never know.


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