​Fox & Friends fearmongers that “Medicare for All” could result in surgery rationing

​Ainsley Earhardt hypes report on “eye surgery rationing” in Britain, asks: “Is that what Medicare for All would look like here?”​

From the April 8 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:​

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​AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST)​: As 2020 Democrats push their ​“M​edicare​ for​ ​All​”​ agenda here in the ​U​nited States​,​ ​t​housands in Britain are reportedly left to go blind because of eye surgery rationing under their single​-​​payer ​system. Is that what​ M​edicare​ ​for​ ​All​​ would look like here​?​ Here to weigh in on this is​ Seth Denson, he's​ a health​ ​care expert and president and co-founder of GDP Advisors. 


So tell me what's happening over there. I understand thousands of elderly patients are going​ blind.​ ​How​ do they determine who gets the surgery and who goes blind? 

​SETH DENSON (GDP ADVISORS): Well, listen, this should strike fear into anybody who is thinking that ​Medicare​ for​ ​All might be a good idea, right? Because what's happening in the United Kingdom is, in effect, they're running out of money. They just don't have the money, according to the head of ​NHS, to cover all of the things that are necessary for their citizens. 

​EARHARDT: So is this what ​M​edicare​ for​ ​All​​ looks like? 

​DENSON: It could be. And, you know, the most terrifying part of this, the plan proposed by ​S​en. [Bernie] Sanders is actually more restrictive than the plan ​t​hey have in the ​U​nited Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, citizens can still go buy private insurance ​and/​or​ could even​ pay cash for certain procedures​,​ which would cut the waiting time dramatically. In the United States, what ​S​en. Sanders has proposed wouldn't even allow for that.


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