Fox & Friends falsely claims Senate GOP health care bill doesn't cut Medicaid

Brian Kilmeade: “Technically less people are going to be covered because you don't have to get insurance. Because people like this thing called freedom of choice, which I think we fought for”

From the June 26 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): The big question too is, this week is going to be the CBO [Congressional Budget Office], I mean, today. We're going to find out what the CBO says --

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): How much it costs.

KILMEADE: And that's when a lot of Republicans -- how much it costs -- and that's when a lot of Republicans run for cover because the CBO's going to say without a mandate, technically less people are going to be covered because you don't have to get insurance, because people like this thing called freedom of choice, which I think we fought for. So now all of a sudden that's going to make other people say, well, like [Sen.] Dean Heller [(R-NV)], “I think I'm going to maybe not go along with this” unless he's pressured. Other people on the fence for different reasons than [Sens. Rand] Paul [(R-KY)], [Ted] Cruz [(R-TX)], Mike Lee [(R-UT)], and Ron Johnson [(R-WI)], is [Lisa] Murkowski [(R-AK)], [Susan] Collins [(R-ME)], and [Cory] Garnder [(R-CO)]. They want more Medicaid. The conservatives saying, “Why are you leaving the Medicaid expansion? We can't afford it.” Those are the ones that are already on the record saying, “I can't vote for this.” So for the exact opposite reasons, two camps are on separate sides. 

DOOCY: And so why is Medicaid so difficult? Because half the Republican-run states went for the Medicaid expansion. They took the money. The other half did not. Now here's the thing --

KILMEADE: Well eight, eight overall.

DOOCY: Here's what you have to keep in mind: If you are currently getting Medicaid through the expansion program, through the Affordable Care Act, it will continue in the future going forward. At least that's what [White House counselor] Kellyanne Conway was trying to convince George Stephanopoulos of yesterday when he was essentially interrogating her over potential cuts to that program.


AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): So Republicans would argue that they're doing the best that they can and they're trying to come up with a new plan because what's happening with Obamacare is not working and it's failing. And people are paying too much and insurance companies are pulling out. So they have to do something. So whether or not the Republicans can come together, can agree on this, can some of those five that say they're not voting for it, can the president -- will his calls to those individuals, to those senators, will it make a difference?


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