Fox & Friends: “Don't Be Deceived” By News Outlets Calling Chelsea Manning A Woman

The cast of Fox & Friends went after The New York Times for its decision to begin referring to Chelsea Manning - formerly known as Bradley Manning - as a female in its news coverage.

The August 27 edition of Fox & Friends featured multiple news alerts about The New York Timesdecision to refer to Manning as a female following her explicit request to be identified as a woman.

Fox News personalities have repeatedly scoffed at the idea of referring to Manning as a female, and that sentiment was apparent on Fox & Friends. In a tease for an upcoming segment about the Times' decision, Fox played Aerosmith's Dude (Looks Like a Lady) in an apparent effort to mock Manning:

Moments later, Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade warned viewers not to be “deceived” by the Times' references to Manning as a female, repeatedly identifying her as a male:

KILMEADE: Bradley Manning wants to live his life as a woman - he said that - and The New York Times is happy to help. Starting today, the paper will call him Chelsea Manning, so don't be deceived.

Although co-host Steve Doocy corrected Kilmeade's use of male pronouns, he used those same pronouns himself later in the show:

DOOCY: Bradley Manning wants to live his life from here on out as a woman.

KILMEADE: What was the giveaway?

DOOCY: And The New York Times is happy to help.