On Fox & Friends, Donald Trump Attacks NBC's Katy Tur

Trump: “We Don't Talk To Her, We Don't Let People Talk To Her Because She's Not A Very Good Reporter”

From the June 6 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Your odds of being elected president, there are a bunch of U.K. betting facilities, including the odds makers Ladbrokes and others. And they looked at the odds of the amount of money people are wagering over the U.S. presidential election. When you made your comments where you called some illegal Mexicans rapists, your odds were 100 to 1. After you made the comments about John McCain, your odds were 50 to 1. The day before the Iowa caucuses, your odds were 3 to 1, and right now you are at 2 to 1. 


DOOCY: OK, so that's what the odds makers say. It looks like --

TRUMP: I think they know better than the political pundits.

DOOCY: Well because they've actually got some skin in the game. It looks like controversy, and you one with this Trump University thing, controversy seems to help you. 

TRUMP: Well you have to go and fight controversy. You can't let people put their spin on it. I watched somebody from NBC, person, Katy Tur, she knows nothing about my campaign. She's said things about my campaign like she's an expert. We don't even let her in. We don't talk to her, we don't let people talk to her because she's not a very good reporter. So we don't let people talk and I watch so-called people talking about my campaign that really don't know much about it. You people know more about my campaign than almost anybody, OK? But maybe you should go out and talk, you'll make a fortune. But the fact is that people talk about my campaign. We don't even allow them in. They know nothing about the campaign but they sit there and they talk like -- I remember when Michael Jackson died, I was friends with Michael Jackson. I knew Michael Jackson very well, and then everybody commented on Michael Jackson. I said to myself, it's amazing, he didn't even know those people. But it's like that. The world of politics is a very strange world and people want to get on and they say things. They have no idea what they're talking about, and I watch it and I listen to it all the time, but I think the 2 to 1 odds, that's a lot different from where I started. When I started with you and doing your show -- 

DOOCY: 100 to 1.

TRUMP: I was never in that category, that I can tell you. 


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