Fox & Friends: “Does it carry any weight the fact that” Christine Blasey Ford “wasn't sexually assaulted?”

Ainsley Earhardt: “She felt like she was going to be, but she wasn't.”

From the October 3 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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MATT WALSH (DAILY WIRE): Well, think about it, this would be a key witness, this person whoever -- now, she was -- the country club, we're told, is 6 to 8 miles from her house, so that means she didn't walk home. And so, according to her, her story, this is a 15-year-old girl that was brutally assaulted, she thought she was going to die, she runs out of the house fearing for her life, that's her story, she goes out the door, she gets into someone's car, by the way how did she get a hold of that person? There were no cell phones. She must have gone into the kitchen or something and made a phone call, that part's left out. But then she gets into the car with somebody after just suffering this trauma. That person could tell us what did she look like? Were there any injuries? Was she crying? Did she look like she had been traumatized by something? 

It's just impossible to believe that a 15 year-old girl, after suffering that experience, if it happened, could have pulled herself together to the point where no one would notice there's something that's wrong. But it's just interesting that she can't tell us, coincidentally, who it was who drove her home. And also, no one has come forward, not a friend, not a parent has come forward to say yeah, you know what, I picked her up from a party once around that time and she seemed like something wasn't right even though she wouldn't tell me what it was. 

No one has come forward to say that, so I think that is a huge hole because that person would be such a key witness for her. Yet, coincidentally, we don't know her.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Matt, you have a lot of people on the left that do support her. But, you're right, no one that I'm aware of, none of her friends have come forward and said anything. Someone did come forward who knows her very well, her ex-boyfriend of six years came forward and said there are a lot of holes in her story as well. Does it carry any weight the fact that she wasn't sexually assaulted? She felt like she was going to be, but she wasn't? 

WALSH: Yeah, well, and I think, even beyond that, there's also a lot of holes in the fact that she says she was traumatized and her grades were suffering and everything, but yet no one in her family, her parents, no one has come forward to say that there was some change in her demeanor and that she seemed like she was traumatized all those years. I think that's a huge hole.


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