Fox & Friends desperately clings to claim of no collusion after Mueller details Flynn's cooperation in sentencing memo

Steve Doocy: “If Flynn was colluding with the Russians, he wouldn't be getting zero jail time”

From the December 5 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): He completely cooperated. He did 19 different interviews, and while there was as you say Brian so much of it redacted, we don't know exactly what he did say. But keep in mind, this whole -- the whole hullabaloo with Mr. Mueller has been looking to see if there was coordination with Russia, or if the Trump campaign sought help. And indeed, and we heard this when he was convicted, when he pled guilty, that he had contacted the Russian ambassador during the transition, all about that United Nations resolution regarding Israel. But ultimately, it doesn't mention any of that in the sentencing memo. So if Flynn was colluding with the Russians, he wouldn't be getting zero jail time.


DOOCY: The whole thing has been about Russian collusion. We heard oh, look at all these pictures of Mr. Flynn at all these events, and look he's sitting next to Putin, and obviously he's the guy, and yet, ultimately, after they've looked at everything, zero jail time. That should tell you a lot about the collusion. 


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