Fox & Friends Defends Trump's Anti-Muslim Claim About Mythical “No Go Zones” In Europe

Brian Kilmeade: “Donald Trump Came Out and Said ... There's Places That Are No Go Zones” In Paris And London

From the December 10 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): Katie, are you really -- is the sentiment among the Brits to ban Trump?

KATIE HOPKINS: No, and that's really why I'm here, is although you see those numbers, 300,000 plus on a petition, that is not the real story in the UK. That's part of the story. People here love to click on a petition, it makes them feel like they're doing something. But the truth is a quarter of the population here in the UK are right behind Donald Trump. And for a specific political party, called UKIP, 60 percent of their membership are right behind Donald Trump, as well. We have seen our nation kind of ripped apart by this consistent message from, kind of government structures, from the state, from our state broadcasters, to say we're multicultural, we love it. We've seen our people jump out to say, well absolutely, there is no Islamophobia here in the UK. You can walk anywhere, everywhere is free and open, we're so multicultural, we love it. And the truth is very different on the streets. There are places in the UK that people like me certainly wouldn't want to walk. There are places in the UK that feel like they've completely transformed into Muslim only areas. And we have had groups patrolling the streets to say, 'This is a Muslim area, keep out.' So Britain isn't quite the way that that petition reds.

KILMEADE: That's interesting Katie, big pushback, difference between the people and the politicians. For example, Donald Trump came out and said in places in Paris and places in London, there's places that are no go zones. In fact, there are some officers that don't want to wear their uniforms when they're not on duty. Let's listen to one of them talk right now.

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KILMEADE: Wow. That's a radio show, 97.3 over in Britain, some people just being very honest. And your message to America right now, when it comes to this very issue as we face it, a little bit later than you did?

HOPKINS: Exactly. You know, I think Britain, I think Europe, is a strong case for the U.S. to look at and think, do we really want to become like Europe? You know, [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel said yes, migrants, come here, you're welcome. They've got 1 million migrants there, they've got massive security issues, they've got another 200,000 probably not accounted for. We have our police officers who are coming out and saying, 'no we can't wear our uniforms. We can't even wear half blues, a jacket over our uniforms.' And we have areas of the UK where we wouldn't want to walk.


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