Fox & Friends Defends Donald Trump's Comments On Carly Fiorina's Appearance

Steve Doocy: Are Trump's Comments About Fiorina's Appearance Just “Another Rolling Stone Hit Job?”

From the September 10 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE: I just want to hear Donald Trump's explanation, because remember what happened with Gen. McChyrstal, where his staff thought certain things were off the record, and Gen. McChrystal never said anything, and it destroyed his career. And remember what happened with the UVA fictitious story, that destroyed a lot of people and a frat house at the University of Virigina. I want to get his perspective.

STEVE DOOCY: So this could, you know, is it another Rolling Stone hit job? We'll talk to Trump one hour from right now, so put down that remote. Meanwhile ...

KILMEADE: Well by the way, the tone of the Rolling Stone article was a total put-down of Trump, and almost like a parody. Seemed like a hit job. 

DOOCY: It was a very long and colorful story. How much of it is true? We will talk to the Donald about it


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