Fox & Friends Defends Ben Carson's Comments That A Muslim Should Not Be President

Brian Kilmeade: “You Can Have That Discussion And Not Be Labeled A Racist, Or Zionist, Or Anything Else. This Is An Open Dialog. Why Is Everyone Calling On Everyone To Apologize? It's An Ultimate Gotcha Moment”

From the September 21 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE: They were debating whether a Muslim should be a president back in the creation of our country. There's a whole book written on it. Back when you had Jefferson and Madison debating other great American founders about should a Jewish person be president? Should a Muslim person be president? You can have that discussion and not be labeled a racist, or a Zionist, or anything else. This is an open dialog. Why is everyone calling on everyone to apologize? It's an ultimate gotcha moment. You have 16 people in the race and everyone's just waiting on eggshells ... 

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: But who is real? Who's the real person, you ask? 

KILMEADE: Yeah. Can he just give an honest answer? And now there's going to be a fourth clarification. That's how he feels -- he would not vote for a Muslim. It doesn't mean they should not run. It doesn't mean the rest of America can't vote for a Muslim. 


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