On Fox & Friends, David Bossie makes the case for himself as White House chief of staff

Bossie: “Having been a conservative leader in this town for a long time, I have had my finger on the pulse and Donald Trump carried the day. He got elected”

From the December 11 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): I will say this. One thing is, there might be -- there's is a perfect chief of staff for every president. Do you feel as though you have had the chemistry with this president, you understand him in times of pressure? And you understand the politics of it? Do you feel you have that chemistry? 

DAVID BOSSIE (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, I've certainly known the president a long, long time. Long before he was a candidate, I've had the pleasure of knowing him. I do feel I understand the movement that elected him, and having been a conservative leader in this town for a long time, I have had my finger on the pulse and Donald Trump carried the day. He got elected. He understood better than any Republican in 2015 and '16 what was going on, the movement in America and he led it. So that -- so yes, do I understand this president? Absolutely. I understand his priorities. And I have been. And I've been trying to help him with those from the outside. There's no question about it.


KILMEADE: David, have you ever persuaded the president to do something? 

BOSSIE: Look, you know, we were running, you know, the president was a candidate when I worked for him and then in the transition. The president was the principal and somebody we all worked with. Look, we say in our first book about the campaign that the president was responsible for winning 99 -- 99.9 percent was him, .01 percent was the staff, all of us together. And that's true, it was a team. It was a tremendous team, and we all worked cohesively together to help the president in any way we could. 


BOSSIE: Look, this president deserves somebody who's going to be totally committed to the future of what this next two years of his presidency is about. A political, legislative, and communications strategic person who can come in here and help him with his 2020 re-elect, as well as somebody who will be able to handle what is this subpoena cannon. Somebody who is going to understand what the House is going to do to him and the White House staff in trying to drag them into a legal process and an investigative process that will slow down the success of this White House. Somebody who can stop that from happening. 

KILMEADE: And David, my hunch is you feel as you're that guy, and that is on your resume. 


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