Fox & Friends Couch Still Has Room For Trump After He Promotes Birther Conspiracy

Fox & Friends clearly wants to make sure you know that it doesn't have any actual standards when it comes to its slate of guests. This includes hosting hate groups in order to promote the “anchor baby” myth or inviting discredited author Jack Cashill to promote his absurd theory that Bill Ayers wrote Barack Obama's first book.

Reality TV host, real estate entrepreneur and multi-level marketer Donald Trump has been a Friends regular for a while, offering his consistently uninformed opinions on climate change, tax policy, and terrorism. But lately, Trump has been pushing the repeatedly debunked “birther” conspiracy theory that President Obama is not a natural-born American citizen.

Fox's response? Increased promotion of Trump's appearances. During one recent Fox & Friends appearance, as Trump promoted the birther theory, the hosts remained mostly silent, almost as if they (and their network) are quite aware that Trump's theory is nonsense, but that it appeals to a certain segment of the audience who will tune in.

The promotion of provably untrue information in a cynical ratings ploy? It's what Fox does best.