Fox & Friends complains that Robert Mueller's press conference was a “personal” attack on Trump

Guest co-host Pete Hegseth: “It's like at the end of a fight, the one guy takes one last kick. Not because he won, just because he wanted to get one last in”

From the May 30 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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PETE HEGSETH (GUEST CO-HOST): Who do you go to often for some clarity in moments like these?



HEGSETH: The great one -- well, after you. After Brian Kilmeade, it's Mark Levin and here's his take. 


MARK LEVIN (FOX NEWS HOST): I want to remind Mr. Mueller of something that a first-year law student knows: the Fifth Amendment -- it's called due process. The Sixth Amendment -- it's called a right to a jury trial. The Fifth, Sixth, and 14th Amendments -- presumption of innocence. You burned every one of those amendments, Mr. Mueller. Just because you can't indict a sitting president, I heard somebody say sure he can indict a sitting president, it's just that the attorney general can reverse course. That's not what the memo says. It says you cannot indict a sitting president. 


HEGSETH: It's like at the end of a fight, one guy takes one last kick. Not because he won, just because he wanted to get one last in and that feels like what Mueller tried to do here. No reason for it. 


HEGSETH: This is chum in the water. It felt like Bob Mueller was handing a reason to, you know, rabid Democrats to want to impeach him. 

KILMEADE: Well as you said, Pete, he's saying I can't indict but I hope you will. And to me it shows that those -- for two years the president has been saying it's a witch-hunt, Mueller is compromised. He took it personal. My opinion, he took it personal and that was his subtle shot trying to remain professional but saying I'll get you in the end. 


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