On Fox & Friends, climate denier complains that the Green New Deal doesn't tell us “how to expect better weather”

Mark Morano: The deal is a “big bowl of crazy” that looks like it was written by a “third grader” 

From the February 8 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): The left's Green New Deal calling for World War II-level mobilization involving replacing every building in America -- 


EARHARDT: -- banning nuclear energy -- 

KILMEADE: Sounds good. 

EARHARDT: -- ending air travel --

KILMEADE: Finally. 

EARHARDT: -- and even ensuring economic security for those who are unwilling to work. 

KILMEADE: Finally those unwilling to work have rights. The plan doesn't have a price tag on it. Some estimates claim it will cost $7 trillion. That's way too low. 

EARHARDT: Way low. 

KILMEADE: Others peg the cost five times that. 

EARHARDT: Someone said a gazillion, right? Here with reality check is the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, that's what it looks like, and the executive editor of climatedepot.com, Marc Morano. Thank you so much Marc for being with us. You told our producers this deal is a big ball of crazy. Why do you say that? 

MARC MORANO (CLIMATEDEPOT.COM): Yes, this is essentially the environmental left and the left wish list over the last 40 years all thrown into one package and they don't want to debate it on the merits of the economics. We're told we need to do all of this, from banning meat, to airline getting rid -- to getting rid of the combustion, internal combustion engine -- all to save from us from a climate emergency, and yet we're not told how to expect better weather if we actually pass this thing. It would have no impact on the climate even if you believe Al Gore and the United Nations and all the silliness that sometimes they claim. This plan is plagiarism pure and simple. They borrowed it from the 1960s and 1970s. In my book, I detail how different environmental scares -- over population, resource scarcity, even global cooling -- had the same solutions: wealth redistribution, central planning, sovereignty limiting, and just a massive government intervention. 

KILMEADE: Marc, what I'm saying is you can be an environmentalist to the left of Al Gore, and obviously she is, and just say this is not practical. I have spent my career as a lawmaker, legislator. Why would you stand behind a deal like this when it is -- looks like something that was put out by a 10th grader? 

MORANO: Actually 10th is being very, very generous. 

KILMEADE: Let's go seventh. 

MORANO: I would go as low as third grade. I mean, this is a -- just a big bowl of crazy wish list of everything you could imagine. And I think the whole release of this, they have bungled the release. They put in their unwilling workers. They had to pull it from the website. There's a whole dispute over what they meant on nuclear power. They haven't even gotten this straightened out. But what they do have straightened out: this is the litmus test for the 2020 Democratic contenders. And in a way they, have given anyone who cares about free markets, liberty, and science, a grand opening to expose anyone who signs on to this plan. 


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