On Fox & Friends, climate denier attacks proposed Green New Deal: “Carbon-based fuels actually improve the environment”

From the January 3 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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MARC MORANO (AUTHOR, THE POLITICALLY INCORRECT GUIDE TO CLIMATE CHANGE): Here is the bottom line: This has nothing to do with fighting an enemy. This has -- the Green New Deal and everything they're doing is literally -- and I go back in my book and show, in the 1960's when the environmental movement became radicalized, no matter what the environmental scare was -- overpopulation, global cooling, species extension, famine, resource scarcity, they always had the same solution: More government control, central planning and this is no different. The Green New Deal and this idea of mobilizing to fight the climate is the exact same -- they're proposing central planning, has nothing to do with climate. 

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): But, Marc, you are for being responsible.


KILMEADE: Learning new about clean-burning fuels and things to that nature. How do you feel about people like Sen. Barrasso proposing incentives for people to capture carbon as opposed to penalties and punishment? 

MORANO:  Well, there's all kinds of proposals. Everyone's for energy efficiency for a clean environment. Oddly, the more carbon-based fuels you can introduce in the developing world -- Africa, South America, Asia -- the cleaner the environment gets. You have less people burning dung in their huts, you have less people dumping sewage into the rivers, because you get infrastructure. So, carbon-based fuels actually improve the environment. And, beyond that, everyone wants efficiency, but you don't ban energy that works and mandate energy that's nowhere ready for prime time, all this so-called renewable. And that's what they're going after here.


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