On Fox & Friends, Charlie Kirk claims “tech giants collude together” to suppress conservatives

Kirk: “The very bottom line is the left hates the idea there are other ideas”

From the August 27 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY (CO-HOST): I'm not even going to debate whether conservatives are being shadow banned or censored on social media. I believe it and think there's enough evidence out there. My question to you, and you're a young guy, why aren't more conservatives, especially young people, inventing another platform? There's clearly a market for it. You speak to the president, if just one person, Donald Trump, left, that would probably hurt the bottom line for Twitter. 

CHARLIE KIRK (TURNING POINT USA): Totally. Look, the left is making their big move before the midterms, this is their great offensive to try to silence differing opinion. And, make no mistake, it's not because the conservative voices are offensive. It's because they are effective. They are going after some of the most highly-engaged, popular conservative voices out there that speak hard truths. Now, some are -- some would say controversial but, wait a second, why are they not getting rid of voices like Louis Farrakhan, or some of the ISIS-linked accounts? Instead, you see these tech giants collude together. You see Twitter, Facebook, and Apple, and Google all on the same day de-list conservative voices. And it's because they're afraid of the effectiveness of these conservative voices. We need to push back because it could be a huge, huge problem moving forward. 

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Well you know what -- and you are pushing back. But, Charlie, look at these -- we heard about Diamond and Silk, we've heard about different people who have been essentially shut down or throttled to where they get no traffic. If the social media giants are doing them, they're not doing it very well, because everybody's on to them, because they can chart it, they can look at a gauge and they can say, “Okay, I had three million yesterday, and then I had zero, and it looks like I'm being silenced.” 

KIRK: Right. And so, for example, Prager University shined a really important light on this just a couple weeks ago, where their reach went from a couple million to zero. And [House Majority] Leader [Kevin] McCarthy has been shining a very, very important light from a congressional side. But you make a great point, this is not good for business. They're going to disenfranchise half of America if they continue on this path. The very bottom line is the left hates the idea that there are other ideas. And they control these public forums or these vehicles of conversation, they're going to use every piece of power and influence they can to try to suppress our voice and we cannot stand for it. 


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