Fox & Friends calls the Paris climate accord “anti-Western” 

Fox's Stuart Varney: To Germany, climate change is “a state religion”

From the May 31 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STUART VARNEY: Well, first of all, [the Paris climate accord is] an unequal treaty. It's not a treaty. It's an unequal agreement. For example, China doesn't have to do anything about its emissions until the year 2030. It can pollute up the wazoo until then, and then he has pledged to try to reduce its emissions. Meanwhile, we in America, we've got to cut our emissions even more, according to President Obama, by the year 2025. It's unequal.

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): You've called it almost anti-Western.

VARNEY: It is.

HEGSETH: An international regulatory scheme.

VARNEY: You take money and resources off Europe and America, and you give it to other countries. For example, in the year 2020 under the Paris accord, President Obama has agreed to supply part of a $100 billion payment every year from Europe and America going to other countries to ameliorate the effects of global warming. $100 billion a year, and we're on the hook for part of that.


VARNEY: [Trump] will get pushback. Look, outside the argument as to whether or not the planet is warming, outside that argument, you've got a diplomatic argument as well. Do we mortally offend Germany, for example, by pulling out of this Paris accord?

HEGSETH: Because they're obsessed with climate change.

VARNEY: They are obsessed. It's a state religion in Germany. The climate is changing. It's a state religion. We upset them vigorously if we pull out of the Paris accord.


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