Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade: Robert Mueller does not “know the details” of the Mueller report

Kilmeade also says Mueller is “like the king of England” for picking his investigative team​

From the June 26 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:​

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): ​One thing is pretty clear. They​'re going to ​ask Robert Mueller, too​,​ ​h​ow did it make you feel when ​Donald Trump -- ​president of the ​U​nited States said that you're compromised​,​ or how did it make you feel when the president of the ​U​nited States kept attacking the process? What did you think about the rumors​ that​ he was going to fire you? ​And I'm not sure he​'​s going to answer that either. The other thing I have a sense of​,​ he​'​s​ got​ until July 17 to bone up on it. I don't think he knows the details of the report. ​I don't think -- he was like --​

​STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): He​'d​ better​,​ his name​'​s on it.

​KILMEADE: ​But ​he's like the king of England​ on this​. He assigns the people​, they're going to say​ why are most of them ​D​emocratically affiliated. Aren't you concerned about ​the perception if you hire people like ​that​ to do this job?​ Do you feel why some feel there was an agenda in there? ​So, [Rep.] ​Jerry Nadler​ [(D-NY)]​, if you ever watch​ him in these hearings​,​ they often get out of control​.​ I sense​ that​ this ping-pong could go​ the​ other direction.

​DOOCY: ​Mueller's a smart guy.

​JEDEDIAH BILA (GUEST CO-HOST): If he doesn't know it now I'm pretty sure he​'s​ sitting with a highlighter​ going over it​,​ ​because he's ​going to want to ​make this his moment.


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