​​Fox & Friends Attacks “Perks” Like Clean Sheets For Immigrants In Detention Facilities

The ACLU Reports That Detained Immigrants Face “Widespread Human Rights Violations” And “Horrible Conditions”

Fox News' flagship morning show, ​Fox & Friends,​ ​repeatedly attacked “the easy life of an illegal immigrant inside American jails​”​ and highlighted President Donald Trump “say[ing] the party is over” and “vowing a new plan to cut back on perks” for undocumented immigrants in detention facilities. On April 13, The New York Times reported that “as the Trump administration seeks to quickly find jail space for its crackdown on illegal immigration, it is moving to curtail ​[protections for detainees] as a way to entice more sheriffs and local officials to make their correctional facilities available.” Such requirements ​include​​ “inform​[​ing]​ detainees, ​in languages they can understand, how to obtain medical care” and “check[ing] on suicidal inmates.”​ The Fox hosts hailed the "​far less detailed set of regulations​ --​ maybe even dirty sheets​ --​ including no translation services" that Trump is proposing. ​According to the ACLU, detained noncitizens in fact face “widespread human rights violations” and “horrible conditions ... such as grossly inadequate health care, physical and sexual abuse, overcrowding, discrimination, and racism.” From two segments from the April 14 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): The party is over for illegal criminals in jail. Get this: They're enjoying seven hours of outdoor activity. Who gets that anymore? Fresh sheets, and absolutely -- I don't get that. No need to learn English. I was born with that. But the Trump administration vowing a new plan to cut back on perks in their immigration crackdown, saying, expect a far less detailed set of regulations -- maybe even dirty sheets -- including no translation services, so learn English.


AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Seven hours of outdoor activity, freshly washed sheets, and absolutely no need to learn English. That's the easy life of an illegal immigrant inside American jails. But now, the Trump administration says the party is over.