Fox & Friends attacks millennials for planning to stay in jobs for only two years “because they just can't handle adult life”

From the July 30 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Well, millennials are burning out and they're quitting their lucrative jobs, apparently because they just can't handle adult life. 


EARHARDT: One survey shows 43 percent of millennials plan to quit their jobs after just two years. 

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): Wait, you want me to come here like five days a week, like eight hours a day? So what happened to this generation's work ethic? Here to react, the pitbull of personal development, and author of the book What's Wrong with Damn Near Everything, Larry Winget. Larry, thanks for being here. We all see this either directly or subtly, this whole idea that like when I grow up I have got to like show up and do hard things and do things I don't want to do. How do you overcome that? 

LARRY WINGET (AUTHOR): Well, we need to look at why this is really happening. You know, I have three grandsons. And they get all in to something and they're in to it for a little while and then they run over and start doing something else. And then they get bored with that and go do something else. You know, that's completely understandable and even kind of cute when you are 3, 6 and 7. But 25 years later it's not going to be that cute when you got a job. We have to understand that this story, just like with my grandkids is about maturity. And these kids are immature. They're letting their feelings and their emotions run their lives. And mature people don't do that, we're about commitment, responsibility, when you give your word, you keep it, and that's what taking a job is all about. When you give your word, that you are going to show up and you work, you keep it -- that's a character issue and that's taught by parents. 


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