Fox & Friends attacks “mainstream media” for reporting on Kushner's communications with the Russians

Fox report that relies on an anonymous source suggests that anonymous sources are unreliable

From the May 30 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): The mainstream media has been in a feeding frenzy over Jared Kushner's alleged back-channeling with Russia. 

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): But now, a source tells Fox News they got it all wrong. 

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): Joining us live from the White House with the brand new details this morning, our own Kristin Fisher. Good morning, Kristin. 

KRISTIN FISHER: Hey, guys. Good morning. Well a couple of new things over the last 24 hours. First, a source close to the matter is saying that it was the Russians who first proposed the idea of a secret communications channel with the Kremlin, not Kushner, and that it was only discussed to be used for a single call about Syria, and not as a permanent back channel, as some other reports have alleged. 


KILMEADE: So there was contact, and the Russians did want a back channel contact and that's why he responded. A lot different than, “Hey, I have an idea. Meet you in the embassy. Let's make private phone calls from there before my father-in-law gets in office.”

EARHARDT: Everyone is so upset about this. It's like let him speak, let the investigation go on. If you have questions about what really happened, ask Jared, hear from Jared, and then we'll discuss it. But the mainstream media is making this such a big deal when we don't even know the details. 

HEGSETH: Well yeah. You want to turn to the The Washington Post and the failing New York Times and say can I have my edition back? Can I have my news back? Because I'm having to read about this every single day. Headline today is “inquiries turn on why Kushner met a Putin ally.” They want that headline, Kushner, Putin. That's where you get this idea of fake news from. What are you emphasizing? Why are you emphasizing this? Abby Huntsman was on this weekend with me on this couch and she made a great point. She said it almost feels like there's very little difference between the National Enquirer and The Washington Post these days. There's no sourcing. It's all innuendo. It's all rumor.

KILMEADE: Well they say three unnamed sources. Reuters started with a story.


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