Fox & Friends Asks If Ahmed Mohamed Is “Extorti[ng]” Former School District

Steve Doocy On Detainment Over Homemade Clock: “How Many Times This Week Have We Heard ... If You See, Something Say Something”

From the November 24 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY: Remember a couple of months ago that story out of Texas? About the kid who took, he said it was a clock, took it in to class and one of his teachers said, “Hey, that looks like a bomb.” And he wound up going down to the office, and does that look like a clock to you? It looked like a bomb to one of the teachers. Well now he and his family have moved to the country of Qatar, and now they have hired an attorney and they want fifteen million dollars because that kid has been through a lot. 

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: Remember they went to the White House and the day after, they declared they were moving to Qatar. There, well now in this demand letter some of it is bold, italicized and underlined saying that their client's reputation, Ahmed, in the global community is permanently scarred. They say he was illegally questioned, that he threatened, he was threatened with expulsion, he was defamed in the media, and wants fifteen million dollars and an apology letter from officials. That fifteen million dollars is further broken down to five million dollars that they're seeking from the Irving independent school district and ten million dollars from the city of Irving in addition to -- 

BRIAN KILMEADE: If the government refuses to cough up the fifteen million dollars the law firm will file a suit for damages, so --

HASSELBECK: They have sixty days to do so. 

KILMEADE: What's this, extortion? 

DOOCY: It's, look, they think they've got a good case, they think the kid was maligned. According to the demand letter, as well, seven adults interrogated him and pressured him to sign a confession letter about a hoax bomb. But I'll tell you what, you know, ultimately what are the teachers and administrators at a school in charge of? Education, of course. But also keeping your kids safe. And so, if one of the teachers sees something, how many times this week have we heard people say, if you see something, say something? Somebody said something, said that kind of looks like a bomb, they called in the police. They obviously thought it looked like a bomb, too. It seems to me that a lot of people did the right thing. You know, ultimately, it was not a bomb, it was a clock from a kid. But nonetheless, you got to wonder, were -- which rights of that young man's were violated? Well, you know, they didn't have to put him in handcuffs. 


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