Fox & Friends asks, “How many BLM riots were prevented because we got in on the inside?”

Sunday hosts react to police deterring white supremacist attack on pride event over the weekend

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Citation From the June 12, 2022, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday

WILL CAIN (CO-HOST): Well, more than two dozen men have been accused of belonging to a white nationalist group and are arrested near a pride parade in Idaho.

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY (CO-HOST): And police are saying the men piled into a U-Haul and planned to stage a riot.

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): Interesting to see what comes out from this investigation. Ashley Strohmier is here with the details. Ashley —

ASHLEY STROHMIER (REPORTER): Yeah, dozens of people in masks suspected of being tied to a white nationalist group were arrested near an Idaho pride event yesterday, accused of conspiring to start a riot. Police in Couer D'Alene confirming those people came to the event from multiple states and were found in the back of a rental truck.


POLICE STATEMENT: Thirty-one people were detained. They were all wearing similar attire. They had shields, shin guards, and other riot gear with them. At this point they appear to be affiliated with the group, Patriot Front.


STROHMIER: So, police say all thirty-one people are being charged with conspiracy to riot. One man's hat said, "Victory or Death." Another's shirt read "Reclaim America." Many of the men reportedly wore patches identifying them with the Patriot Front group. The Daily Mail also reporting police recovered at least one smoke grenade and an operations plan for the event inside that truck. The police chief says the intentions of the men were clear to start a riot. And then video later circulating of the men were kneeling on the grass with their hands zip-tied behind their backs and being escorted away by police. Police say they learned about the U-Haul from a tipster who reported the men loading into the truck in the parking lot of a hotel. Back to you guys —

CAIN: Ok, thank you Ashley.

HEGSETH: I just want to know how many BLM riots were prevented because we got in on the inside, before they rioted and burned down cities.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Very interesting.

HEGSETH: Never ahead of that curve.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Never. Never.