Fox & Friends apologizes after referring to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras as “Mexican countries”

From the March 31 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday:

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PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): He also announced yesterday -- and the State Department confirmed -- that we will be cutting payments, aid payments to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras over the fact that those countries have been unable to contain the flood of migrants heading through Mexico to our southern border. ... Yesterday we also heard that this is a big move, this is one of the few punitive measures the executive branch has still to these countries, to say get it under control. We've been giving you aid for decades, we want your societies to be better, your economies to be better, because right now there's a huge magnetic pull to our southern border. That's going to be -- we'll see if that leads to any changes in policy in those countries.

Co-host Ed Henry later issued a correction to the on-air graphic:

ED HENRY (CO-HOST): Now we want to clarify and correct something that happened earlier in the show. We had an inaccurate graphic on screen while talking about this very story. We just wanted to be clear, the funding is being cut off to the three Central American countries. We apologize for the error, it never should have happened.


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