Fox Finally Acknowledges That Romney's Tax Plan Doesn't Add Up

A Fox business host has admitted that it isn't possible to calculate how GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's plan would be paid for.

Independent fact-checkers and experts say that Romney's tax plan, a $5 trillion dollar tax cut that would largely benefit the wealthiest Americans offset by closing undisclosed loopholes, doesn't add up. The Romney campaign has responded by saying one possible way to pay for the tax plan is to cap the total amount of deductions a taxpayer can take. Experts have said that even with such a deduction cap, Romney's plan still doesn't add up.

And in a rare moment of truth for Fox, Fox Business host Stuart Varney admitted: “I cannot calculate how much money would be brought in” by Romney's plan.

Varney's acknowledgment that he cannot make the math add up contradicts Fox's narrative that Romney has released enough specifics to make his plan add up. Indeed, Varney even contradicted the graphic that Fox ran while he was speaking. As Varney was explaining that Romney's tax plan did not add up, on-screen text read “it all adds up.”