Fox Figures Are Still Pushing Debunked Myths About Hillary Clinton's Email Use

Fox's Doocy And Napolitano Falsely Claim Clinton's Emails Were “Born Secret” And That She Violated Same Laws As Petraeus

From the October 1 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Well, she has been proven wrong -- profoundly wrong -- on this issue of classified material. Look, classified is the lay terminology. The legal terminology is confidential, secret, top secret. If you have information from or about a foreign country, it is presumed at minimum to be confidential. Presumed.


NAPOLITANO: And she knows that. It doesn't have to have the word confidential, secret, top secret stamped on it.

DOOCY: It just is -- It's born secret

NAPOLITANO: Correct. If they intercepted communications from foreign agents. If they took a picture of a foreign installment from a satellite, that stuff is at minimal confidential. To take confidential material, a national security secret, and put it in an insecure venue is the crime for which general Petraeus was prosecuted and pleaded guilty. One time. We now know that Mrs. Clinton caused this to happen 400 times. Probably more. Every time she sent this to her friend, who was not in the state department, Sid Blumenthal -- who did not have a security clearance. Who used a commercial server, not a government secured server -- she violated the law.


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