Fox Exploits 9/11 Anniversary To Stoke Fears About Iran Nuclear Deal

Giuliani: “It Is Astounding To Me That We Are Making An Agreement With A Mass Murderer And Expect To Keep This Country Safe.”

From the September 11 edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends:

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RUDY GIULIANI: Right now we're in more danger and more denial than we were in before September 11th.


GIULIANI: And we have an Iranian regime that is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. We're in the middle of the president doing some kind of an agreement that probably is going to happen. And yesterday the Ayatollah sticks his finger right in the president's eye, by saying that in 25 years there will be no Israel. It is astounding to me that we're making an agreement with a mass murderer and expect to keep this country safe. We're helping to create an Iranian empire in the middle east. Iran, Iraq.

STEVE DOOCY: You know why we're doing it? Because the president -- the meter is running on his presidency, and he's got to establish a legacy. And that's part of it --

GIULIANI: The legacy he's going to leave us is an Iranian empire.

AINSLEY EARHARDT: That 21 percent of Americans support. The majority of Americans don't even want this deal.

GIULIANI: When you have Iran controlling Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, you create a Shiite Persian empire. Then you have ISIS, you have Al Qaeda. The reality is you now have an enemy more diverse and more cunning in what they're willing to do in terms of these so-called lone wolf atacks. Which, they're not lone wolf attacks at all.


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