Fox Contributor: Trump's Rise “Is Payback For Barack Obama”

Keith Ablow: Trump's Rise Is “Also Payback For The Republicans Who Let That Happen”

From the March 9 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): Another night of record turnout for Donald Trump as the GOP front-runner wins three out of the four state contests. Where does his support come from? Where has it been coming from? Here to take us inside the mind of a Donald Trump supporter, psychiatrist, Fox News contributor, all-around nice guy Dr. Keith Ablow. Dr. Ablow, this is not a normal election. So tell me why is this outsider doing so well in the mainstream?

KEITH ABLOW: Well listen, I think the main reason is one thing, Barack Obama. Barack Obama fed America a bunch of lies about how we're terrible people. He went on apology tours. He attended a church where the preacher was preaching terrible things about America. There's pent-up frustration about him. People are ready to say no, no, America, and there's an American. He has lots of businesses. He's unapologetic.


ABLOW: He's a nationalist. This is payback for Barack Obama. But it's also payback for the Republicans who let that happen. I don't think people can believe it. That we let this guy occupy the Oval Office for eight years.


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