​Fox contributor says Robert Mueller wanted to prolong his Trump/Russia investigation “to obstruct the Trump administration”​

​From the July 22 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:​

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): ​It's going to be a big week on ​C​apitol ​H​ill.​ On Wednesday, Robert Mueller is going to be ​testifying. Democrats are salivating, but then ​a​t the same time​,​ ​Republicans are thinking, hey, this is finally our chance to ask him​, “Hey,​ when did you realize that the lovebirds​ -- your FBI lovebirds​ on the team​,​ hated Donald Trump so much​?”​

​DAN BONGINO (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): ​Steve, this is a golden opportunity​ in​ this hearing. I ​mean, I ​don't know why some Republicans ha​ve​ spoken out against it. For ​Republicans to finally get to the bottom of what Bob Mueller was doing. ​

DOOCY: Right.

BONGINO: You just hit on one of the high points here, which is in July of 2017​, right, ​you have Mueller is appointed in May of 2017, so to ​keep the timeline on track. So ​just a few months after ​Mueller's appointed, the inspector general​, Michael Horowitz,​ approaches him with this ​bevy of ​text message​s​ from the​se​ two FBI officials​ -- Lisa Page and [Peter] Strzok were having an affair​, and ​these messages are devastating​.​ ​They don't like ​Trump, they don't like his supporters. They​'​re talking about​ oconus lures ​and ​other things. ​So it's clear to me by just a few months into ​his investigation​ by July of 2017,​ that ​Mueller know​s​ something​'​​s up. What is he doing for the following 675 days​, and why did they stealth fire ​Peter Strzok? Why not make an announcement ​and say you had an issue? Well, ​the answer is because he wanted to hide ​it ​and keep this thing going​ to obstruct the Trump administration​.


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