Fox Contributor: It's “Ridiculous” We Don't Surveil And “Infiltrate Certain Areas Of Muslim” Neighborhoods

From the March 24 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): Bo, first off, when you hear Europe, you know how these countries are tied together. There's at least 400 fighters who have flooded in there, embedded in there. What's your reaction?

BO DIETL: Well my reaction, first of all, is these are the same attackers that attacked six months ago in Paris. They're in the same -- within the same block radius. This is definitely an [intelligence] breakdown. All they had to do was put surveillance on these people over there and they would have found out what's going on. They'd send undercovers in there, operational. A lot of these have criminal records, these little punks. They got criminal records and what they could have done is flipped some other ones. Get some undercovers. We did it in New York City, remember in the 1990s, with the mosque over there in New Jersey, where we were able to find the blind cleric and all that. Right now we're at a point right now where we need intelligence. When they step up in New York and they said,  “we don't need to infiltrate certain areas of Muslim” -- that's ridiculous. I talked to Ray Kelly yesterday, and two cases were broken by undercovers in there. We have to prepare ourselves and the only way we're going to stop this is not by machine gun-toting cops out there. We've got to get intelligence to stop the bomb before it goes off and the only way is get intelligence, get inside of there. 


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