Fox Contributor: Celebrities Boycotting Anti-LGBT Laws Are “Bullying ... An Entire State”

Bruce Springsteen And Bryan Adams Have Canceled Concerts In Protest Of MS And NC Anti-LGBT Laws

From the April 12 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (HOST): What was your reaction when you learned about some of these celebrities canceling their concerts? 

TAMMY BRUCE: Well look, the argument that civil rights are being violated is untrue. As a gay woman, the gay civil rights movement is very important to me. But it was a movement about being left alone. About not being punished for who we are. And yet that's exactly what seems to be happening here. Is that you've got both bills, certainly in Mississippi, also being completely misrepresented. This is about being able to co-exist. That we can have gay marriage, gay civil rights without having to punish people of faith in the process. So look, I'm not quite sure. I think that perhaps they don't know what really is in the bill. There's no civil rights damage going on. You can get married, you can get whatever you need shopping. But what this allows is for people of faith to be able to run their businesses and not be under threat if they're not conforming to the gay demands, if they disagree with gay marriage. And that's okay. This country is filled with a diversity of people. And I think gays in particular have a responsibility to not punish people who don't conform. And this is what that's about. 


BRUCE: That's the problem is that they're misrepresenting the nature of what's occurring. They're saying they're boycotting because of -- we would all not want to have civil rights violated, right? That's not occurring in Mississippi or North Carolina. And it gives this impression that people of faith are bigots, this equation of the two are the same. And that's not what's -- 

TAMARA HOLDER: This has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the fact that these celebrities do not believe that whatever the law represents in your idea, I think that maybe the intent is something that you believe, but the effect -- 

EARHARDT: Who got it right? Bruce Springsteen has this concert, he cancels it. Lots of people already bought their tickets. Families who worked really hard to go see him, they're out. Unless the state, there is talk that maybe the state's going to reimburse. But that hasn't happened yet. But then you have Jimmy Buffett who recently just came out and he said, “I have two concerts planned in North Carolina. I'm not going to cancel. I don't agree with what's happening in North Carolina. I'm not going cancel because I don't want my fans to have to worry about paying for tickets.”

BRUCE: I would say that's the appropriate way, especially if you want to have an influence somewhere, is you participate. I think that it's about, are you going to be a bully and cancel and go home --

HOLDER: Canceling is not bullying -- 

BRUCE: Or are you going to be participating? But when you're canceling and you're arguing something that's not true, then you are bullying an entire set of people, an entire state.


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