Fox contributor blames “diversity” for NYC terror attack deaths

Kevin Jackson: “Sadly, we are killing people because of diversity" and “leftist policies”

From the November 3 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Let's talk a little bit about what happened earlier this week here in New York. I know you're out in the Midwest, you've come to New York to host a show. A couple of days ago, a guy living out in Patterson, New Jersey, rented a Home Depot flatbed truck, drove it down the West Side Highway, went into a bike lane and killed eight people, injured about a dozen more. We know now that apparently ISIS has declared him a soldier of the caliphate. And we know that he came into this country with this diversity visa program --


DOOCY: -- which a lot of people had not heard about. Allowing him to come into the country from Uzbekistan, and then bringing 20-some-odd people with him. 

JACKSON: Sadly, we are killing people because of diversity. And what's funny, Steve, we don't talk about diversity anywhere else except in America, possibly in Europe a little bit, places like that. They're not talking about diversity in the Middle East. They're not talking about diversity in Africa. And what's interesting is those are the places that have the most homogeneous societies in the world. But we talk about diversity here. 

ROB O'NEILL (CO-HOST): The least diverse. 

JACKSON: Yeah, the least diverse. Meaning -- so, in America, one of the most diverse places in the world, we have every religion, creed, sex, you name it, sexuality, and yet, we are constantly talking about this. So we bring this guy in on this diversity visa program. He gets people killed. And the first thing people do is run to the defense of the program. [Democratic minority leader] Chuck Schumer says why are you politicizing it? We are politicizing it because people were killed over liberal policies, leftist policies that never should have been brought up. And there are many millions of Americans watching us right now that 100 percent agree with this. 


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