Fox Contributor Blames Black Lives Matter For Dallas Shooting: It's A “Dangerous ... Approach To Tearing Down This Country”

David Webb: Black Lives Matter Is “A Collusion Between Groups That Frankly Are Un-American”

From the July 8 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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DAVID WEBB: If it pans out that this is what I would call the allegiance to the Black Lives Matter movement, then we've got to consider the environment that has been created out of the lie that happened in Ferguson when hands up don't shoot and Black Lives Matter. I watched the birth of what is one of the most dangerous and disruptive and divisive leftist approach to tearing down this country. A collusion between groups that frankly are anti-American. That's what Black Lives Matter is. You can call it anything else you want. Are there people concerned about police issues and bad shoots? Absolutely. Was there good people in Ferguson? Absolutely. But those are not the problem. The Deray McKessons and the others that are the leaders of this and the political figures and the media figures at lead in this, they're the problem.


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