Fox contributor accuses Pope Francis of involvement in globalist “great reset” conspiracy theory

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Citation From the November 29, 2020, edition of Fox & Friends Sunday

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: Well it was sad because for me as a Catholic to be honest. That op-ed came out on the same day that we had a huge religious liberty victory in our Supreme Court. And here we had the Pope come out and call those who were, you know, like Cardinal [Timothy] Dolan and other Catholics who were celebrating this, he called it selfish for, you know, standing up for our liberties during this pandemic. And then he started parroting these really creepy globalist slogans. I think he even mentioned "build back better." He talked about climate change. Never talked about religious freedom. And then started talking -- again, going back to our conversation about socialism. He started promoting, as so many other globalists, have this "great reset," using the pandemic to advance, you know, reordering our economic system. And I would say to you that the problem in America is not capitalism. We know the Pope is a socialist. The problem in America is that capitalism was always meant to be tempered by morality and ethics, and that's what I wish my Pope would step in and talk about that because that's what's lacking in America and in the world. Capitalism is a wonderful thing but it does need Christian ethics, you know, Judeo-Christian ethics to temper it.