Fox Complains About “BFD” Shirts But Hosted Palin's “WTF Moments”

After its years-long misinformation campaign against health care reform, Fox News is now down to attacking the Obama reelection campaign for selling what Fox deems as “vulgar” T-shirts to celebrate the law. The campaign recently released a line of T-shirts bearing the slogan, “Health reform still a BFD,” which plays off Vice President Joe Biden's famous open mike moment during the health care law signing ceremony in March 2010.

But Fox is not amused.

On March 23, Fox's leading culture warrior, Todd Starnes, called the “BFD” shirts “vulgar.” Fox Nation quickly trumpeted his attack:


This morning, the Fox & Friends Saturday crew devoted several segments to parroting Starnes, with guest co-host Nicole Petallides calling the shirts “so vulgar” and asking, “Would [Obama] like his daughters to wear that T-shirt?” Co-host Clayton Morris said: “I wouldn't want my son to see that. I wouldn't want him to see Daddy in a T-shirt like that.”

Morris also said that “you expect more from the presidency of the United States than to be tweeting out from their own account driving to you a T-shirt that has a vulgarity on it. It just doesn't sit well.”


The shirts, however, have been available for years. The Democratic National Committee's Organizing for America arm released a line of shirts with the slogan, “Health reform is a BFD,” a week after Biden's comment -- two years ago.

And if Fox genuinely feels that “BFD” is offensive, wouldn't the network also object to the “WTF” construct? In January 2011, Fox News contributor Sarah Palin used the phrase “WTF” on the network to repeatedly attack Obama's 2011 State of the Union speech. Palin, of course, was the Republican Party's vice presidential candidate in 2008.