On Fox, College Students Who Speak Out Against “Offensive Halloween Costumes” Are Wrapping “Themselves In The Cloak Of Victimhood”

From the November 10 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (HOST): Guy so what ticked off a lot of students at Yale was an administrator who said you know what? It's Halloween. Fun holiday. Wear whatever you want.

GUY BENSON: Get a grip. I mean, seriously. Think about this, Steve. These are students at one of the most -- and adults, nominally at least -- at one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country and they are in the grips of fear and loathing over a faculty member's email that very politely suggests that maybe people shouldn't totally freak out over Halloween costumes that might make them feel uncomfortable. And that's the result, screaming.

DOOCY: Sure.

BENSON: Earlier in the video there's profanity. I mean. it would be funny if it weren't a little bit frightening, because it seems like we're churning out a generation of young people at the elite level who feel like their feelings are paramount and people who step on that not only should be criticized, but in some cases lose their jobs.

DOOCY: Well we should point out the man who's being yelled at right there is actually the husband of the woman who said, you know, wear anything you want. People said he was disgusting. People said he should apologize. He wasn't going to apologize. He said I don't have to apologize for anything and then they said you know what? You should get fired. Some tolerant students they are, right?

BENSON: Yeah, and if you read the email -- the original email -- from this man's wife, it was so nuanced and thoughtful and even-handed. It was not offensives or aggressive in any way. But that's the whole point. There's this grievance industry where people are incentivized to bully and silence while wrapping themselves in the cloak of victimhood. It's just so toxic.


DOOCY: Okay so there they are at the University of Missouri, which does have one of the finest journalism schools in the country. They're in an open space and these kids are rewriting the rules. You can't take my picture here.

BENSON: Right, they have their outrage. Their outrage is weaponized trying to get someone fired, which they succeeded in. But they don't want to be asked about their outrage. They don't want to photographed by journalists in a public place. I mean, and this comes back to this concept, this Orwellian term the 'safe space' that has totally been totally turned on its head. Of course we believe college students have a right to be physically safe. They do not have a right to be protected and shielded from ideas or thoughts or images that might make them feel uncomfortable. That's exactly the direction that we're headed in this country with campuses being the worst and it's not a healthy thing in a free society.

DOOCY: We should point out. We tried to get a hold of some of the protesters, asked them to appear. They have not gotten back to us.


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