Fox Blames Obama For Trump's Call To Ban All Muslim Immigration

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: We Wouldn't Have To Go To These Extremes If We Had A Leader “That Would Actually Make Us Feel Safe”

From the December 8 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE: And believe it or not, Hillary Clinton also has a problem with Donald Trump saying 'this is reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive. Donald Trump, you don't get it. This makes us less safe.' Looking at Muslims coming in our country with a different analysis as opposed to Italians and Norwegians, I think in many ways that people might say wait, that might make a little bit more sense because, especially if you're coming from a war-torn nation, you should have a different look as opposed to somebody who is not. 

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: It's interesting. Unprecedented that religion would be a defining moment there, for someone to enter or not into this country. And that's what I think so many people have an issue with. We're in a tough situation right now. What do you think about Donald Trump's plan to not let any Muslims in? I don't think many are agreeing with him this morning. 


HASSELBECK: Well some will, but some will also question why don't we just fix the actual system in place and why don't we have a leader in place that would actually make us feel safe about terrorists so we didn't have to go to the extremes and say, hey you, you believe this, well you're not coming into our country. I think a lot of people believe this country is about more than that and the terrorists want us to be not the way that we have been. 

KILMEADE: Elisabeth, that's a great point. Because I think people saw the speech Sunday and they said wait a second, who's got our back? He spent most of the speech saying what we're not going to do to fight them and what we shouldn't do when they're here. And we say wait a second, they just killed 14 people, these two just killed 14 people, wounded 21, we didn't even have them on the radar it doesn't seem. So we're wondering who is worrying about us. And when Donald Trump comes out with something that seems extreme, then people say okay at least I can say he's looking out for you. Maybe he's going too far, even Dick Cheney came out on the Hugh Hewitt Show yesterday and said that's not our policy. I would add this to it. A lot of people said when Donald Trump goes down to the polls, that's when he comes out with something extreme and he's losing to the Monmouth poll for the first time ever, to Ted Cruz. 


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