Fox Assists Limbaugh In Rehabilitating His Career

Fox News hosted Rush Limbaugh a day after he thanked the network for defending his 2012 tirade targeting Sandra Fluke, providing Limbaugh a platform to smear the Obama administration, advise Republicans on the 2014 election cycle, and rehabilitate his damaged career.

On July 2 Fox & Friends hosted Limbaugh, who suggested that recent political unrest in Egypt was not surprising because the “Obama regime” wanted Islamic extremists to have power in the region. Limbaugh claimed that “the fact that Obama can't even bring himself to condemn this ought to be eye opening to anybody that's paying attention.”

Limbaugh then pivoted to offering advice to Republicans running for office during 2014 election cycle, claiming that attacking health care reform was a “golden opportunity for the Republicans to get back in people's good graces, and stand for something the American people actually stand for.” Co-host Brian Kilmeade closed the segment by inviting Limbaugh to “sit on our couch” and appear on Fox & Friends in person.

Limbaugh's Fox & Friends appearance came one day after he thanked Fox News host Megyn Kelly and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin for defending his attacks in 2012 against then-Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke.

On the July 1 America Live, Kelly interviewed Malkin who claimed that Limbaugh's widely criticized rants against Fluke -- including calling her a “slut” -- were nothing more than “political speech.” Later on, during the July 1 broadcast of Limbaugh's radio show, he thanked Malkin and Kelly for defending him.

From defending Limbaugh's rant to hosting him on a show and inviting him to return, it seems Fox has taken an interest in rehabilitating Limbaugh's still damaged career.