Fox Analyst: Democrats Blocked Bill To Defund Sanctuary Cities Because They Want “A New, Progressive Confederacy”

Peter Johnson Jr: “Remember Segregation?” Democrats Said “We Don't Want To Make America Equal. We Want It Separate. We Don't Want To Bring The Races Together.”

From the October 21 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends: 

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PETER JOHNSON JR: They want to set up a new, progressive confederacy in American history. Remember secession? Remember segregation? Remember nullification from American history where states would say, we don't want to comply with this? We don't want to comply with that. We don't want to make America equal. We want it separate. We don't want to bring the races together. We're not going to comply with federal law. So, 340 cities and counties and jurisdictions in America saying, we're not going to comply with federal law and immigration, and so we went to the United States Senate, first to the House, and came up with this bill that says if you don't comply with the federal law, if you don't help the federal government deport the people that need to be deported then you're going to lose federal funding. You know what? The Democrat Senate stood in the way of it. So we hear Harry Reid talking about Donald Trump, trashing Donald Trump the same way he was trashing the Koch brothers. Just talking dirt, talking trash, and at the same time U.S. Senate saying Constitution doesn't matter. Rule of law doesn't matter. Supremacy Clause of the Constitution doesn't matter. We're not going to pay attention because we want to set up our own amnesty and allow people like the people named Lopez who killed Miss Steinle in San Francisco to kill again and again and again. And release thousands and thousands of people every month so they can go into your neighborhood, into your community, with impunity, and kill you. Yes. Kill you. And that's not about murderers and rapists and Donald Trump. That's about an empirical fact that we are releasing people who should not be released.


JOHNSON JR: Who are going on to commit crimes in this country.

DOOCY: Here's the thing. All the Republicans were asking was, let's enforce the laws.

JOHNSON JR: The law of the United States. And on top of that, let's create a penalty that if you had a felony, and you are an undocumented immigrant, an illegal immigrant, if you had a misdemeanor, drug crime, that you go to jail for five or ten years. That we don't have this situation of turnstile justice. What happens in San Francisco? And New York City and other places they say we're not going to tell you, federal government, we have an undocumented immigrant here. And he or she just did something really bad but their time is up and we're going to let them go. And they're going to go back out in to the United States, and you know what? You're not going to know where they are. Or you can't find them. It's our amnesty. It's a new, progressive confederacy. Constitution be damned. Go to hell,Constitution, go to hell, federal immigration laws, we know better.


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